Sunday, June 30, 2019


Housekeeping day. Rest-up, clean-up, and stock-up. We're moving on tomorrow morning.

We finally got a cool-down and some rain. We piled on our new raingear and went for a walk on Chickadee Trail so we could test-drive it.
It all works!

See this next to the car?

This is not dog poop!

No worries though. We're prepared.

I figure Judy will be easy to outrun. Before I go though, I'm going to spray her all over with bear spray so she'll taste terrible when the bear catches her!



Birch Hill, a nordic ski center.  That made for nice summertime walking trails.  One section was set up as a frisbee golf course.


Efficient.  I don’t think those two uses will conflict.


The hole for disc golf is defined by a chainstar.  Hit the chains with the frisbee and they suck all the momentum out of it and it falls into the tray.


I’ve never played frisbee golf so I thought it would be interesting to take a look.  We ended up walking every hole through the forest and I started playing them in my head.  Most were par 3.  There were four par 4s.  I could see the setup and throws that needed to be made.  I left too long a putt for one and bogeyed the hole.  One I birdied.  Overall, par.  I’d have to say I played one fine round of golf for my first try ever.  Next time I’ll have to try it with a disc!


Brown Creeper.


They can be hard to pick out against the bark.


They fly down to the base of a tree then quietly work their way up until it’s time to fly down to the base of the next tree.  It’s easier when they silhouette against the sky behind.


Monday, June 24, 2019


Good road headed west. Straight and smooth.


Got to drive 65. That lasted until Delta Junction (the end of the Alaska Highway).

The road got a little rough and winding from there to Fairbanks, but no problem. We're impressed with the number of roadside pullouts that are open to overnight stops.



Just like in Canada.

And here we are, at the end of the day, in Fairbanks!

The Great 2019 Alaska Trip map<>

No miles to go!

We're now as far north as Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. If we went as far south from our house as we've gone north, we'd be in southern Argentina, south of Australia and South Africa.

Sunset, 12:46am, tomorrow. (It will be up again before 3am.)

Now, only 4,219 miles to get home to Sandpipers!

Monday, June 10, 2019

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Friday, June 7, 2019

Oh Canada!


We’re in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada, just south of Calgary.  No hurries; we’re going to layover for a few days and savor full hookups.


The Great 2019 Alaska Trip map


No trouble at the border; only five cars ahead of us, and the border agent only asked us about five questions.  We drove through cold, wind, and rain to get here but no troubles.  It’s still cold and rainy tonight, the temperature will drop into the thirties, but we expect warmer weather tomorrow.


Sunset tonight 9:45.  Last light 10:30.


3,232 kilometers to Fairbanks.  (That translates to 2,006 miles.)


If I sound a little different tonight, it’s because I’m thinking and speaking in kilometers and liters.



Monday, June 3, 2019

Way up north!


…to Wheatland, Wyoming.


The windshield view of Eastern Wyoming.


The Great Alaska Trip map


A visit with Marge.


And we’re on our way again tomorrow.  2,897 miles to Fairbanks.


Saturday, June 1, 2019

4,219, 500, 56, 138 update


Now it’s June, and we’re still at 3,037 miles to Fairbanks (but not for much longer).


166 birds remaining to get to 500 for the year.  At the rate of one new bird a day, that’s a 48 bird cushion.  Or, we could continue at one a day and take the last six weeks of the year off.  Or, we could log three quarters of a bird per day and finish at our target.


24 continuing education hours to go.


And 115 counties in which to report a bird to have all 254 counties in Texas!


An all-day family gathering at Becky and Brian’s today.