Monday, August 5, 2019


Maybe Alaska is exactly like Hawaii, except in Hawaii there is no snow and cold to chase a person south.

There is something about Alaska that is troubling me though.  Alaska honors Daylight Savings Time.  All summer long, we're going to bed while the sun is still up and waking up the next morning with the sun high on the horizon.  What's the point?  What is there to save when it's daylight all the time anyway!?  You'd think they would reverse the concept and save some of that summer daylight for the winter months when they really need it.

Our Colorado granddaughter, Taylor, is off on an adventure.  She flew to London and spent her birthday touring museums.  Then she got on a train to Aberdeen, Scotland,

… where she met up with the professor leading the dig Taylor is going to be working on for the next two weeks.  They're excavating a bronze-age village.

And another anniversary.  Fourteen years ago today, we bought the 2005 Beaver Monterey Motorhome that is still serving us so well.

A drive in the Jeep on the beach during low tide at Anchor Point.

The Anchor River flowing to the sea.

And all us this will be under ocean after the 20-foot tide claims it.

Meanwhile, Henry is a happy boy.

(The volcano in the background, on the other side of the Cook Inlet, is the one Judy and I flew around just a few weeks back.)

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  1. You are truly living your dream, an epoch adventure to be sure