Friday, July 26, 2019


Seward is ridiculous! The rain stopped and the clouds lifted a little.


The mountains and glaciers are right here in front of us!

Friday, July 12, 2019


I just googled Whittier, Alaska. Only 100 people live there. It gets 154 inches of rain a year. It gets 249 inches of snow! OMG. No wonder only 100 people live there. I wonder if it's the same 100 people every year or do they have to find new ones after every winter.

The RV Park we're in is advertised as the "safest RV Park in Anchorage". We can tell it's safe because every few minutes, day and night, a security vehicle cruises past with lights flashing. I just went out and locked the outside cabinet doors for the first time in fifteen years.

One more musk ox picture.

There'll be radio silence all day tomorrow. We're off on an unplugged adventure.

Thursday, July 4, 2019


I've been thinking...

How do nocturnal predators survive an Alaskan summer?

And a mystery solved. Some names I struggle to recall. For some reason, Foretravel, a brand of motorhome, is one of those. Not only can't I normally recall the name, I get sent off the wrong direction by my brain and can't find my way back from there, I'm just stuck with the word Uni-bomber. Why on earth, would the term Uni-bomber burst forth in my head while I'm looking at a motorhome? Eventually I get to the right name, Foretravel, but for years the strange diversion to Uni-bomber has been a mystery. Foretravels all have a unique number tattooed on the back of the rig. The number never starts with "U" though, so that's not it.

Well, mystery solved as we were camped with a caravan of eighteen Foretravels. There was a classic Foretravel in the group.

There, stenciled on the side of the motorhome, was the model description. It says Unihome! That's how I got to Uni-bomber! "Uni" stuck all those years ago. That has to be the link!