Sunday, August 31, 2014

More dots on the map.


2014 summer/fall trip map


Now we’re in Colorado.  Lathrop State Park.


Pinyon/Juniper habitat.




Added black-billed magpies to the year-list.


Tomorrow, Saint Vrain State Park, and Becky’s for dinner.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

It's crazy


…how empty this place is on a Labor Day weekend.  Lake Colorado City State Park.  It *was* a quiet night.  Quieter than we wanted it to be in fact.  We were listening for owls and didn’t get any.


A day’s drive north


2014 summer/fall trip map


and we’re parked at Oasis RV Park outside Amarillo.

What a difference a day makes.


They have their own version of Cadillac Ranch.


Friday, August 29, 2014

I'm glad that wasn't me!


How many times have we said that as we watch someone else do something stupid?  If we’re feeling charitable, we say “Oh well.  We’ve all been there.”  Well, bummer.  This time it was me.


After a long day at the shop in San Antonio yesterday, and a drive through rush hour, construction, and wrecks, we stopped for the night at Buckhorn Lake Resort just before dark, and after the office had closed.  There was a mix-up about which site we should be in, so after we were partially set up, already trying to get the Bronco game on the satellite, we realized we had to move to a different site.  Judy went to make sure the proper site was going to work for us while I reversed the set-up process and got us ready to go again.  I almost got it right.  I closed the slides, put down the satellite dish, raised the suspension; but I drove off with the shore power cord still attached.  The cord suffered some damage but is still functional.  The power pedestal was a complete loss.


Oh well.  We’ve all been there.  (Hate it when it’s me, though.)


We (read Judy) got it all sorted out with the office this morning.  They’ve replaced power pedestals before.  Drove north to Colorado City State Park for the night.


2014 summer/fall trip map


It’s a beautiful deserted birdy spot.





Added scaled quail to our year-list.



We’ve been on the road about a week now.  Only a couple more days of driving and we’ll be out of Texas.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Christie's house


An excuse to send out more family photos.









…a pretty cool rental car.


…and beyond these window blinds…


A momma dark-eyed junco.


And a happy dark-eyed junco family!





Meanwhile, we’ve moved on.  The minivan in tow, riding together again, we’ve stopped for the night outside of Kerrville, Texas.  We didn’t go far today; we didn’t leave the shop in San Antonio until six!  Buckhorn Lake Resort on Goat Creek Road.


2014 summer/fall trip map



Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A tour of Christie and Andy's house



















Meanwhile, we’re still in San Antonio.


2014 summer/fall trip map


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Monday, August 25, 2014

San Antonio


We’re set up at the San Antonio KOA for a few days.


We sold the Jeep in January.  We bought the minivan.  We don’t have a tow-car; we have a minivan.  When we go on a trip, one of us drives the bus, one of us drives the minivan.  We drive separately.


Texas RV in San Antonio has agreed to turn our minivan into a tow-car.  It will take a few days.



Sunday, August 24, 2014

Road Trip!


We’re off to Colorado.  Yeaa!


We started by driving to Mustang Island today.  Mustang Island State Park.


A visit with Carolyn at Island Woman Boutique.


A walk in Charlie’s Pasture.








Saw a Magnificent Frigatebird


…and a soaring Spoonbill.



Tried to meet up with Forest and Kim for fish and chips at Snoopy’s but couldn’t quite connect so we had to eat there by ourselves.


A good start to our trip.