Sunday, April 27, 2003


First, he brought out a bee box(cardboard). Then he scooped the bees up with the box. Then he let them settle down a bit. Then he closed the box and opened a little door on the bottom of the box. The bees inside stayed inside. The bees on the outside gradually found their way inside. Then he closed the box and took it away.

Our bees are bound for the Butterfly Pavilion. They will be part the the live bee exhibit: a hive inside with ports to the outside. The bees build their honeycomb inside and come and go as they please.

We'll have to go visit them this spring.

FW: bees

We're having a bee encounter. They flew into our yard early this afternoon. We're going to have Bee Rescue come take them to a better place to live, somewhere outside our yard.

We didn't really lure them in with an orange. The orange is just for perspective.

Sunday, April 20, 2003


I'm getting so excited about our Creede trip.

We've broken Shamu out of winter retirement. The water lines have been flushed. The propane is full. Everything works.

Now we decided to leave a day early on Saturday, May 3d, so we can stop for the night at Sand Dunes National Monument, two hundred miles away. I love the Sand Dunes. We haven't been there since the kids were little.

Then we get to go another hundred miles to the most beautiful town of Creede for a week. I get to work on just one job for a week. That's practically like a vacation.

Then we get to leave on Friday and go find David for the bassinette exchange and a visit somewhere in the canyon lands.