Sunday, October 28, 2001


Judy came back Tuesday night. We wanted some quiet time together, so we decided to take the motorhome out for a weekend shakedown cruise. It hasn't been out much this summer. We hope to take the usual January Texas trip, so it seemed to be a good idea to see if everything still worked.

I left work early Friday afternoon and we got on the road by three o'clock or so. We decided to head north and maybe on Saturday we'd check in with Bill and Marge on the farm in Wheatland. As we got into Wyoming, it was getting dark when we saw the exit to Curt Gowdy State Park. We've been seeing this exit for years and years, and have no idea what Curt Gowdy State Park is like, so we headed off the twenty miles to the west.

It is off-season. There was only one other camper there, and he wasn't even in the best site. It's a mountain park. We got set right next to the lake, level, and ready for dinner in the fading light. It was then I noticed the overhead light fading faster than the outside light. Our house battery was not holding its electrons. That meant no juice to run the furnace overnight at this dry camp. It was already down into the thirties. We decided we'd rather spend the night plugged in at the KOA in Laramie. It was a wonderful warm night with the furnace blowing.

We slept in, then headed northeast back across the mountains, the back way to Wheatland on another road we've been meaning to get to for years. (It was very lonely and scenic.) We popped out right at Bill and Marge's. We spent the afternoon and evening visiting with them and wandering all over the farm. We got up the next morning well after the rooster and guinea fowl did, and spent half of Sunday visiting as well.

We drove home, dropped the motorhome off at the repair shop with a list, watched the Broncos win, and even squeezed in a short hour of racquetball for me.

What a wonderful relaxing weekend.


Sunday, October 21, 2001


Judy put her shoulder recovery on hold, and has been back in California for awhile.

Back about May, the prediction for her dad was eight to twelve weeks. Well now, five months later, he is still trucking right along. He continues to think he is within a day or two of death, but the hospice workers continue to pronounce all systems strong.

He has been living alone at his apartment. He has had trouble with his balance and has taken to falling down. He regularly calls for help in the middle of the night.

No-one lives right there with him, so it's time for a managed care facility. Of course he never thought that was a really great idea, but they got him moved into the best place they could find yesterday, Saturday.

A couple more days in California for Judy and I'll get her back in Colorado for awhile again.

Looking forward to that.