Sunday, June 17, 2001


We're back.

A week in Florida. A good conference. A nice resort. A couple days in a b&b on the east coast just above Titusville. Lots of herons and egrets and ibis and spoonbills. A glossy ibis, and a Florida scrub jay. No shuttle launch: it got postponed. A day at seaworld. A swim with the dolphins. Lots of critters observed in the wild: alligators, dolphins, manatees, osprey. Found the bathing suit optional beach. Was within one mile of a tornado that touched down outside the Kennedy Space Center during an afternoon thunderstorm. Cashed in some miles and flew first class. Wonderfully uneventful flights both ways. Picked up Annie from the dogsitter this morning. Becky still has the cat.

Glad to be home: they yard and house need lots of attention.